What type of team members can I have?

Mention has 3 different types of team member statuses:

  • Admin
  • User
  • Guest
General Settings                                                            Admin User Guest
Can access the feed
Can access the dashboards
Can access the notification settings
Can access the Team tab   
Can access the Export tab 
Can access the Quota tab     
Can access the Social Accounts tab   
Can access to Integrations tab   
Mention Interactions Admin User Guest
Can read a mention
Can filter the feed
Can access the folders of an alert 
Can access the "activity"-folder 

Can access to the "tasks"-folder

Can favorite a mention

Can archive a mention

Can mark as Spam a mention

Can Trash a mention

Can block a source

Can set the Sentiment of a mention

Can create Tags

Can assign a task to a team member 

Can share a mention with a Social account 

Can share a mention by email
Can create a new post using the + button above the feed

Can click on Mark all as read button above the feed

Can click on export mentions button above the feed

Can select several mentions and interact with them

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