What is the difference between “Archive,” “Trash,” and “Mark as Irrelevant?”

Archive:  Is a section that gathers mentions you’ve selected to archive away for later access. Use this feature to store mentions that matter while still cleaning up your mention feed. 

Trash: The Trash folder gathers mentions you’ve selected to remove from your feed and prevents these mentions from showing up in the Statistics section. If you delete a mention by mistake, keep in mind that you can always restore it.

Mark Irrelevant: “Marking as Irrelevant” trains our Anti-Noise Technology to preclude similar mentions in the future. An irrelevant mention will not impact your quota. Be aware that you can always unmark mentions as irrelevant

Block: You can block URLs and single users to no longer receive their mentions. These will also not be counted towards your quota. At any point, you can unblock the URLs in the alert set-up. 

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