Can I receive mentions in Slack?

Yes, you can. Each alert in your account has a Slack integration feature and it's available to free and paying users. YAY!

Slack Integration Powers: 

Mention is a real-time media monitoring tool which pushes mentions for your keywords directly into your feed. If you are also using Slack there is no better integration to be the first person to know when someone is talking about you, your competitor or any other topic you want to receive alerts for.

How to set it up:

First, create an account for Mention. Next you can create an alert with the keywords you want to receive mentions about. After you create your alert, you can revisit the edit settings by hovering with your mouse next to your alert name (see image below).

Select from the top of the edit settings the Slack integration.

Below you can see the pop-up which lets you choose to receive every mention or just mentions from influential sources (select your minimum Influencer score) into your preferred Slack channel.

See the big picture: You will also receive daily recap messages to your Slack channel in order to have a detailed stats overview for each day. This feature is only available for Starter plans and above.

Here you can read more about our Slack integration.

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