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Creating a tag is similar to creating a subfolder in your email inbox. Tags provide a way to filter your feed so you can quickly find the most relevant mentions and keep things organized

Tags can help you:

  • Speed up your customer support
  • Monitor your different store locations
  • Zoom in on specific Facebook pages or websites
  • Create different folders for different users
  • Make graphs to show trends
  • Compare your tags in the Insights Center

You can apply tags manually or automate the whole process. With automated tags there is no need to click on a mention and select a tag. If your mention contains certain keywords, we’ll tag it for you.

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  • Create an automated tag
  • Useful information

Creating a tag

To create a new tag.

1. Click on a mention in your feed

2. Click the tag icon to type in a name for your tag.

To view all of your tagged mentions, click 'Tags' under an alert and choose a folder:

Creating an automated tag

To create an automated tag:

1.Open the settings of an alert and expand the Tags Management section.

2. Next you will need to click on the '+ create tag' to see a pop-up that will allow you to give your tag a name and list keywords below it.

Whenever one of the listed keywords will be found in a mention it will automatically be tagged for you.

Useful Information

  • Each individual mention can be tagged with up to 100 tags.
  • Each alert can have up to 100 tags across all mentions.
  • Each automated tag can have up to 100 keywords
  • Tags are specific to individual alerts - they don’t span your whole account.
  • Tags are shared with all team members with access to that alert.

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