Tags are an excellent way to categorize your mentions, similar to subfolders. They are easy to set up and provide a quick way for you to get to specific groups of mentions within your alerts. Tags can be completely automated, and also serve as a powerful tool within your reports. Tags are incredibly helpful for alerts with large amounts of mentions.

You can apply tags manually through the feed, or automate the whole process. With automated tags, there is no need to click on a mention and select a tag. If your mention contains certain keywords, we’ll tag it for you!

★ How to create a manual tag

1. Click on a mention in your feed.

2. Select the tag icon and type in a name for your tag or select an existing tag to apply:

You can apply a tag for several mentions at a time.

★ How to create an automated tag

1. Click Edit next to the Alert you'd like to apply the auto-tag to. This will open your Alert settings. On the left-hand side, click Tags Management.

2. Next, click on the + create tag to see a pop-up that will allow you to give your tag a name and list keywords and/or phrases below it that will define the mentions that will have this tag applied. Make sure to click Enter on your keyboard after each word (you’ll know they are registered when they turn grey).

3. You can auto-tag mentions that are older by selecting Also apply to previous mentions. This is a powerful and popular method.

4. Select Create when you’re done.

Now, whenever one of the listed keywords or phrases is found within one of the mentions of this alert, it will automatically be tagged and available within your tag folder, as well as existing within your feed inbox.

👉 Find more information about our Automated Tags here: How to Tag Mentions Automatically for More Efficient Monitoring.

★ How to view tagged mentions

1. Click on the alert you’d like to view mentions for.

2. When the menu in the left panel opens, click on Tags:

3. Select a Tag from the list and its mentions will load in the middle panel.

Important notes about tags

  • Each tag is unique to one Alert. If you’d like to have the same tag across Alerts, they have to be created one by one.

  • Each Alert can have up to 100 tags.

  • An individual mention can be tagged with up to 10 tags.

  • Each automated tag can contain up to 100 keywords.

  • Tags are shared with all team members who have access to that Alert.

  • Tags can be used and applied in the Reports and Insights Center to compare trends.

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