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Scheduled reports are the perfect solution if you do not have the time to export your reports or lists manually.

These reports are ideal for:

  • Agencies that want to keep clients up to date

  • Businesses that want to be aware of what is said about their brand

Types of scheduled reports

All reports on the Company Plan can be scheduled to send automatically via email for a desired timeframe. The options for scheduling include:

  • Daily: an email will be sent every day or every (x) number of days.

  • Weekly: a weekly report will be sent or you can schedule it for every (x) weeks such as bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, etc. You can choose what day the report is received as well.

  • Monthly: a monthly report will be sent or you can choose every (x) months. You can also choose what day the report will be received. Monthly reports are based on every 30 days in a calendar cycle.

  • On Specific Days: for this option, you can choose multiple dates that you want the report. After the final date, we will stop sending the report.

Scheduling Your Report

1. Visit the Reports tab and create your new Report or open an existing one.

2. Next click in the top right of your report "Not scheduled" which will open a pop-up like the image below.

3. You can then pick your preferred frequency option and add up to 20 recipients!

4. You can choose your Report Format after recipients are done!

→ Listening, Comparative, and Custom Reports offer these formats: PDF or PPTX

→ Mentions List Reports offer these formats: PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV

5. At the bottom of the page, you can Personalize Content to include a Mail Subject or Description.

6. Once everything is set, you can schedule it! Your Report will convert from unscheduled to scheduled at the top of the page!

💡 Tip - Send a Test Email Before Scheduling : Prior to scheduling your report, you have the option of testing your scheduled email to view if the content and messaging is correct. Please note that the test email will only send to the user who clicks on the Send a Test button. It will not send to all of your recipients!

Useful Information

  • The maximum number of recipients per report is 20 email addresses

  • The number of reports you can create will depends on your custom plan

  • Mention will prepare your scheduled reports around midnight before your report is scheduled to send. This is based on your local timezone.

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