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Sharing Mention Reports is a great way to keep your team members and stakeholders informed about the metrics and insights your Alerts are fetching. One seamless method of sharing reports in your account is scheduling email reports.

When you schedule a report, Mention will routinely send out copies of the report to your mailing list on the scheduled dates and times that you programmed. In these emails, your recipients will receive a download link to download a copy of the report in multiple formats such as PDF, PPTX, and Excel.

In this article, we will teach you about the options available to your for scheduled reports and how to program a scheduled report in your account.

Frequency of Scheduled Reports

All reports on the Company Plan can be scheduled to send automatically via email for a desired timeframe. The options for scheduling include:

  • Daily: an email will be sent every day to your mailing list or you can choose to send the email every (x) number of days such as every 3 days.

  • Weekly: an email will be sent every week to your mailing list or you can choose to send the email every (x) weeks such as bi-weekly emails.

  • Monthly: an email will be sent every month to your mailing list or you can choose to send a report every (x) months such as every 4 months.

  • On Specific Days: for this option, you can choose multiple dates that you want the report. After the final date, we will stop sending the report.

⚙️ Monthly Reports are configured to send every 30 days in a calendar cycle.

💡 Weekly and Monthly Reports:

If you schedule a report using the weekly or monthly frequency, you will be able to choose the specific day to send out the report.

For example, you can schedule a weekly report to send every Thursday.

Scheduling a Report

Once you've created and modified your report to fit your needs, you can schedule the report to share it to any email address you would like. To schedule a report, you will need to go to the Reports tab and open the report that you would like to schedule out:

From there, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Configuration Page

On the upper right-hand side of the report, click on the not scheduled icon in orange:

2. Set-Up Your Configurations

Once clicked, the pop-up menu will appear for your report where you can set your configurations for the scheduled report:

Here are your options for the configurations:

  • Frequency: choose the frequency of your emails (daily, weekly, etc.) and the specific time that the email will send. As you choose your configuration, Mention will display a preview to show you when your scheduled reports will be sent.

  • Recipients: add the emails of the people that will receive your scheduled report. You can add up to 20 recipients in a scheduled report.

  • Report Format: depending on the Mention Report, you will have multiple options for the report format. The format you choose will determine the download link in your emails. Here are your options:

    • Listening, Comparative, Custom Reports: PDF or PPTX

    • Mention List: PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV

    • Social Analytic Reports & Social Comparative Reports: PDF

  • Personalize Content: if you click on this option, you will be able to add a mail subject and description to your email.

⚙️ The scheduled time of your reports will be based on your local timezone that is set on your Mention Account. This information will be displayed in your configuration page of the scheduled report. You can change your timezone at any time by heading into your account settings.

❗The frequency of your scheduled emails must align with the frequency of your report. For example, you cannot schedule a daily email for a report that is set to the last 30 days. If your frequency does not align, you will receive a warning message on the configuration page:

3. (Optional) - Send a Test

Once your configurations are set, feel free to click on the Send a Test button to review the scheduled report in your own email inbox.

This will allow you to make sure that the text and design of your email is fit to your standards.

⚙️ The test email will only send to the user who clicks on the Send a Test button. It will not send to all of your recipients.

4. Schedule the Report

After everything is set, you can click on the Schedule button and your report will be all set! Mention will send out your report on the next designated scheduled date to your email recipients. To confirm that your report is properly scheduled, you will see the Scheduled icon appear in your dashboard:

⚙️ Mention will prepare your scheduled reports around midnight before your report is scheduled to send. This is based on your local timezone.

💡 Mention Tip: Multiple Scheduled Emails in One Day

At this time, you cannot schedule the same report to send out multiple times in a singular day. If you would like to send the same report data out multiple times a day, we recommend following these steps

  • Go to your Reports list and duplicate the report:

  • From there, simply schedule the second report using the same configuration as your first report and make sure to change the time of the scheduled email.

From there, you are all set! You can now schedule the 'same' report to send out at different times during the day.

Modify Scheduling Configurations or Un-Schedule a Report

If you need to make any edits to your scheduled report, please click on the scheduled button to re-open the configuration page. Here, you can make adjustments or un-schedule the report by clicking on the Un-Schedule button:

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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