Automated reports are the perfect solution if you do not have the time to export your reports or mentions lists manually. These reports are ideal for agencies to keep clients up to date but any business that wants to save time being aware of what is said about their brand can benefit from it.

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Types of automated reports

All available reports can be automated to be generated as emails. The three main categories are: Listening Dashboards, Mention Lists and Social Reports.

How can I create an automated report

1. Visit the Reports tab and click “Create Report” or open an existing report

2. Next click in the top right of your report "Not scheduled" which will open a pop-up like this or similar to it. Mentions List reports include the option to choose between different formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV

3. You can then pick your preferred frequency option daily, weekly or monthly, add up to 20 recipients and personalize the content of your email if you wish to.

Useful Information

  • For all reports you can choose the colors and add your own logo
  • The maximum number of recipients per report is 20 email addresses
  • The number of reports you can create will depends on your custom plan

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