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Learn about how Mention will manage your data after connecting a social account

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When you link a social account to Mention, we will ask for authorization access to your personal information. This permission request will allow Mention to manage your accounts directly through our platform. Approving this authorization will allow you to use your accounts to engage, publish, respond, and monitor your social accounts.

Below is a list of Social Accounts that Mention will request your permission to access:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter/X

  • LinkedIn

Mention is committed to the safety of your personal data. During the account connection process, you will receive information about the personal data being shared such as personal name, email, profile information (picture, posts, etc.). If you would like to revoke access to any of your accounts or data, you can:

  • Remove your social account at any time via Social Account Settings in Mention

  • Remove Mention from your permissions list directly in the socia media sites

Refresh Social Account Tokens

When you connect a social account, Mention is granted an access token to your account. These tokens allow us to safely access your personal data for a certain period of time.

Please note that social account tokens will periodically need to be refreshed due to the following cases:

  • A functionality requires a new permission that you would need to grant to Mention (for example, a change in one of our features like Publish or Respond)

  • Tokens are not permanent and will sometimes expire

🔧 How Can I tell if my token expired?

You will notice an expired token in your Social Account settings and in features that use your social account connection such as Publish or Respond. Mention will grey out your social accounts that expired and ask you to refresh them.

💡 If you notice that you cannot access your social accounts through Mention, please head over to account settings and refresh your account token! The icon refresh icon will appear next to your social accounts.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how Mention keeps your data safe, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected]!

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