Yes! All paying users and free trial users have access to geo-filtering. 

Simple alert

You can monitor all countries or go into your alert and select up to 10 specific countries you would like to follow with the basic alerts. You do this by hovering over your alert till you see a gear function. You click on that gear button and it will open your alert preferences. If you go to 'Sources and Locations' you can edit your country preferences. You must toggle the white dot to the right of the word 'Countries' till you see a blue highlight. This will deselect all countries and you can now select up to 10 specific countries that you would like to follow.

Boolean alert

Mentions may include extra information related to their location.

  • How do I select only specific countries?

Thanks to our Boolean technology, you can pick specific countries in your query using the source_country operator. Here's an example, if I'm looking for everything related to Nike Air Max in France only:

("Nike Air Max" AND source_country:(fr))

You can combine different countries using this operator. The country codes are based on the ISO Alpha 2 Code (2 letters).

  • What are undetected countries mentions?

Some mentions do not come with location-related information, either because such information is hidden, or because the mentions come through a service that has a location which does not reflect the end-user's (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). You can specifically monitor such mentions - in which case we advise you to add restrictions such as languages, so that you'll still keep getting relevant mentions only.
 Here, we're looking for "Nike Air Max" mentions that come from undetected countries, and we're adding a language constraint (lang:fr) :

("Nike Air Max" AND lang:fr AND -has:source_country)
  • Can I combine specific and undetected countries in the same query?

Of course! Let's consider our example - we want to know all about Nike Air Max, either in France when we know for sure the information comes from this country, or at least in French when we can't be certain of the country of origin of the post. The query would then be:

("Nike Air Max" AND source_country:(fr)) OR ("Nike Air Max" AND lang:fr AND -has:source_country)
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