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What do the modules in my Reports mean (reach, volume, influencers, etc)?
What do the modules in my Reports mean (reach, volume, influencers, etc)?
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We want you to know the value of the reports :

  • The volume will help you understand the amount of the mentions you received, the peaks and the lows. Within the volume, you can see the conversations if you click on the image, and it even tells you when the conversations were taking place. 

  • The top locations allow you to know where in the world where the people are talking about you the most, helping you to realize where your brand stands internationally. 

  • The sentiment analysis is a way to understand better all the mentions that you get. Mention categories your mentions with a positive, neutral or negative sentiment. The algorithm decides to give one of those sentiments to the mention depending on the words mentioned in the text.

  • The sources allow you to see where the mentions are coming from: social media, web, etc. It also helps you to see low rates in some, to pay more attention to the presence in the different platforms. 

  • The hours help you to analyze the days and hours in which the conversations are taking place. 

  • The reach measures the amount of users that could have seen your post. 

  • The topics allow you to see the words that are more recurrent in the way you are being mentioned.

  • The languages help you understand which languages have more impact in your monitoring, also it works as a filter to decide which language you want to track and which not.

Reach for Social Media:

Here is the explanation of Reach for the Social Media platforms, Mention monitors.

  • X (formerly known as Twitter): number of followers of the user posting the tweet.

  • Facebook: number of fans of the page posting the post.

  • Instagram: number of followers of the account posting the post.

  • LinkedIn: calculation that aggregates the counts of various LinkedIn reactions (Like, Celebrate, Love, Support, Insightful, Funny) along with interactions such as shares and comments, providing a comprehensive measure of the post reach.

Types of reach:

Here is the breakdown of reach as it is shown in exports from your Feed or Influencer Tab.

  • direct_reach: The direct reach on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram is calculated according to the number of followers of the account.

  • cumulative_reach: The cumulative reach on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram is calculated based on the number of followers plus the number of followers of the person (s) who shared the publication.

  • domain_reach: Is calculated based on the number of visitors to the site the month the publication was published.

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