Connect your social profiles

At first, you need to connect your social profiles to Mention.

To do so, if you never added a social profile to Mention, you can access the Publish tab and we'll invite you to add a new one:

Otherwise you can add a new social profile directly from your calendar, under the list of your social profiles:

For a more precise social profiles management, you can do it from your settings, this will allow you to give access to the teammates of your choice. For more informations, read the article about social accounts management.

Your first scheduled post

Once you have at least one social profile added to Mention, you can start create posts!

To do so, you need to click on the planning at the date you want (the planning fits with your timezone, make sure to set it up correctly in your settings if you notice an error).
Once clicked, you'll have to choose the social profile with which you want to post:

You enter in the Composer. Where you'll have the ability to have a preview of your post on the social network as it will appear in your followers feed:

You can also create new posts by hitting the main "Compose" button:

In that case, don't forget to select a date at which you want to schedule it:

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