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You can utilize Publish to schedule or post directly to your Instagram Business Page. To conduct this process, please follow the steps below!

1. Connect Your Instagram Business Account to Mention

To use Instagram with Mention, you can head over to Social Account settings and follow these steps:

  • Click on 'add account'

  • Choose Instagram and a pop-up will appear with the Facebook login

    • Please login to the Facebook account that is connected to your Instagram Business Page. Your Instagram Business Page must be attached to Facebook prior to conducting this process. To learn more, head over to this article.

  • Once Mention recognizes your credentials, you will be connected! From there, you can choose to share access to the Instagram Page to your colleagues.

    • We recommend sharing access so your colleagues can use Publish as well!

  • From there, you're all set. You can now head over to Publish and begin posting!

For more information on Social Account connections, please head over to this article.

2. Create your Instagram post

Click on an empty slot in the Calendar or use the Compose button to immediately start curating your post.

From there, select the Instagram Business Account that you want to post on. You will be prompted to add at least one image to your post in order for Instagram scheduling.

3. Schedule The Post

You can choose to schedule a specific time period by heading to the top of the post and adjusting the date and time of the scheduling. Once the post is ready, click on the Schedule Post button.

Mention Tip: If you are not ready to schedule the post just yet, you can save your work as a Draft! The post will be saved on Publish and you can adjust the scheduling at any time! This is a great way to collaborate with your teams by having them make any final reviews before posting.

4. (Optional) Final Reviews

You can review any scheduled posts that are live on your content calendar at any time. To do this, please click on the post and this will re-open the composer. You have the option of editing or deleting the post before it is scheduled to go live.

Once a post goes live, you will notice that it will turn grey on your calendar. You can still click on these posts to open the post directly on Instagram.

Congratulations! You've successfully scheduled your Instagram posts through Mention! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Mention Support team!

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