When publishing on Instagram, you’ll want to follow a specific workflow. This is because we’re not yet able to publish your content automatically to the platform - like we currently can with Facebook or Twitter. 

However, you’ll still be able to easily plan your Instagram posts ahead with Mention. 

Just before your post is scheduled to be published - you’ll receive a mobile notification to approve its publication. 

Once you approve this manually, we’ll automatically upload your image as well as copy your caption to your clipboard. Follow these simple steps below to publish your post. 

3 Steps to Publish to Instagram

Step 1: Create your Instagram post

Click on an empty slot in the calendar or click the “Compose" button (top right), then select the Instagram Business account which you want to post the content to. 

Then, you’ll need to add at least one image to be able to schedule your post on Instagram.

Just before the post is to be published, you will receive this notification on your mobile: (you’ll first need to install the Mention mobile app and make sure your notifications are enabled)

Step 2: Approve the publication notification

Click on this notification - this will prompt the Mention app to open your scheduled post. Not receiving the notification? 

Step 3: Post to Instagram

Click on "Post on Instagram"(below your image) and it will direct you to open the Instagram app.(You’ll need to allow the app to access your library as we use it to store the images you’ve scheduled)

As we mentioned earlier, you post caption is automatically copied to your clipboard - all you have to do is hold down ‘paste’ in the description. 

And there you have it - posting to Instagram with Mention is easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

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