To use Publish on Instagram there is a specific workflow to follow that utilizes the Mention platform in conjunction with the Mention mobile app! Currently, Mention does not support automatic publishing for Instagram like we do for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. However, you still have the ability to easily plan your Instagram posts ahead of time with Mention!

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Please follow the steps below to publish your post:

1. Connect Your Account to Mention

To use Instagram with Mention, you need to ensure that your Account is connected to the Mention web platform.

You will also need to download the Mention app to your mobile device. You can find the Mention app in your Android or iOS app store!

Once the app is downloaded, please make sure you these settings turned on:

  • Notification settings so Mention can send you information about scheduling your post.

  • Library access allowed, because this is where the images that you have scheduled are stored.

2. Create your Instagram post

Click on an empty slot in the Calendar or use the Compose button to immediately start curating your post. From there, select the Instagram Business Account that you want to post on. You will be prompted to add at least one image to your post in order for Instagram scheduling.

3. Approve the post

Just before the post is to be published, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. The notification will remind you about the post that is scheduled!

Please open this notification when it appears. This will bring you to the Mention app to open your scheduled post. From there, you will see the option Post on Instagram. Clicking on this will approve the post and Instagram will be opened with the post ready to go!

4. Finalize the post

After the app brings you to Instagram, you will see your image ready to post. Mention will copy the caption of your scheduled post to your clipboard so you can paste it to the Instagram app.

From there, you can post on Instagram directly!

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