Instagram and Facebook are platforms that are bound together nowadays and this is especially true within the Mention platform. Previous Instagram APIs are becoming deprecated for the benefit of Facebook APIs, which are better documented and will be the only source of truth in a near future.

For this reason, to connect an Instagram Business account to Mention, you must ensure that it is properly linked to a Facebook account. Otherwise, the system will not allow you to connect your social account.

Having an Instagram Business account is starting to become the standard, and will be necessary to manage your Instagram using third-party apps. At Mention, we've anticipated and ask our customers to plug their Instagram Business account to Mention from now on, to be able to:

  • Analyze the performance of your account

  • Schedule posts on Instagram

  • (ProPlus and Company Plan) Monitor specific Instagram pages and get its new posts as mentions in your boolean alerts

To get an Instagram Business account, you can check the Instagram documentation about how to set up your Instagram Business Account with Facebook.

👉 Know more about how to connect your Instagram Account to Mention.

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