In your Advanced Alert settings you can add Monitored pages that will gather all new posts and/or comments from the connected page regardless of the keywords you have selected for your Alert in the Boolean Query. Below is a list of social platforms which can be connected:

★ Facebook Business pages

In Mention, you can monitor any public Business page from Facebook. This will allow you to be able to receive all the posts and the comments from the 100 latest posts published on that page.

You have to add the Facebook Business page that you want to monitor to the Monitored pages section of your alerts settings.

You have the possibility to remove your own content if you are monitoring your page, to only receive the comments. You can also select the option to only receive the posts:

👉 More information about Facebook monitoring here.

★ Twitter pages

When you add a Twitter page as a Monitored page, you will get all the tweets mentioning the Twitter handle, along with all the retweets and tweets from that page.

As for Facebook, you can exclude your own posts:

For example, in this case, you will collect:

  • All the tweets that mention @Mention

  • All the retweets that mention @Mention

  • All the tweets from the Mention's page.

★ Instagram Business pages

You can also monitor any public Business page from Instagram. This will allow you to be able to receive all the posts published on that page, along with the public posts mentioning the Instagram handle of the page.

We only monitor the posts in an Instagram Business page as a Monitored page. The comments in these posts are not fetched, neither are the stories.

You need to previously connect your Instagram Business account to Mention. Then you will be able to monitor this page:

You can also exclude your own posts.

👉 More information about Instagram monitoring here.

★ Review websites

Mention allows you to monitor Review websites as well. We offer a variety of review websites that you can monitor through your alert utilizing the web page's URL. Some websites monitored include Google Local Reviews, Amazon Product Reviews, or TripAdvisor!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions related to monitored social media pages or review pages!

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