What are Unclassified Mentions?
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Within QuickCharts and the Reports sections, you might encounter a banner titled Unclassified Mentions. This banner only appears for Country graphs in your Reporting and it refers to mentions that do not provide location data:

⚙️ There are a few reasons why a mention will be identified as unclassified:

  • Some data providers do not disclose the location of a mention to respect the privacy policy of a website.

  • Some social media accounts do not provide sufficient information that would allow Mention to identify the country location of the social media post. This is primarily the case for Twitter/X mentions especially when users list a fake profile location.

❗At this time, Mention will list these sources as unclassified:

  • Facebook

  • TikToK

  • Instagram

  • Some Twitter/X profiles

💡To view the full list of mentions, you can use the Mention Feed. If you are on the Company Plan, you can also use the Mention List report to view mentions.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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