Mention offers you the possibility to integrate your tools to improve your Social Media monitoring & management experience:

The integrations that are available for you today are:


Zapier allows you to instantly connect Mention with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers!
👉 Find here more information about the Mention Triggers and Actions that are supported by Zapier.


This collaboration software allows the teams to communicate and effectively use their tools. If you are already using Slack in your organization, then you can now receive the mentions that match your keywords in a specific Slack channel!
👉 Get more details about how to get your mentions in Slack.


Connect Geckoboard securely to your Mention account, and display key information on a live dashboard so your team can understand and monitor it at a glance.
👉 Know more about this integration here: Mention dashboards in Geckoboard.

RSS feed

Mention offers you the possibility to integrate your Alerts to your RSS feed. Then you can easily be aware of the mentions you receive!

👉 Get more details about RSS feeds in Mention.

Mention API

We provide an Application Programming Interface to access your Mention's data and integrate them in your website or application.
👉 Check all that you need to know about the Mention API.

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