Within Account Settings, you have the option of viewing your Quota settings tab as an Administrator on your subscription. This page allows you to view details about your subscription and how your features are managed in the Mention account. The quota page is split up into three parts: Plan Details, Plan Consumption, and Quota by Alert.

Plan Details

The Plan Details button is found at the top of the Quota page. This button brings you to your Subscription tab to view the details of your current Mention plan such as total number of mentions per 30 days, number of total Alerts, total number of possible Users on the Account, and more! Understanding your plan details will allow you to assess which features are being used the most for you and your team once you view your Plan Consumption.

Plan Consumption

The Plan Consumption details the usage of features in your subscription. The first thing you will notice is that your Plan Consumption details how long until your next quota reset.

Next, you will see a detailed display of your indicators and the percentage used in the account:

  • Alerts: The number of Alerts you can still create on the account.

  • Mentions: The amount of mentions left for your quota cycle.

  • Users: The number of Users you can still add to your account.

  • Reports: The number of Reports you can still create in your account.

  • Social Accounts: The number of Social Accounts you can still integrate into Mention.

  • Instant Mentions: The number of mentions that can be emailed to you (Only available on the Company Plan)

❗️Please note that for team subscriptions, this consumption is shared amongst your entire team.

In the Plan Consumption graph, the only graph that resets every 30 days is the Mentions graphs. For the rest of the graphs, these numbers will not reset after 30 days unless you upgrade your plan or you delete an Alert, Report, User, etc. from the Account.

👉 What happens if I exceed my quota?

Quota by Alert

The Quota By Alert display allows you to view all Alerts in the subscription as well as which Alerts are active or deleted in the account. This is the only place where you can view all Alerts, even the one's that are not shared to you. As an Administrator, you can find all the details about your Alert:

Team Members

This will display the profile image of Users who have access to the Alerts.


The number of mentions used.

% Of Quota

A percentage view of mention consumption per Alert.


Here you will see if an Alert is active or was deleted by a User.


You can choose three options:

  • Join an Alert: If the Alert is not shared with you, you can use the join Alert button to gain access to the Alert. From there, you will see the options to edit or delete.

  • Edit Alert: If you click on edit Alert, you will be brought to the Alert configuration page where you can modify any aspect of your Alert.

  • Delete Alert: If you choose to delete an Alert, the Alert will be permanently removed from your Account.

❗️Please note that deleting an Alert from the Quota page permanently removes it from the system. Deleted Alerts will only appear on this display if they are deleted from the Alert Settings page when you are making edits to an Alert.

❗️Please note that removing or deleting an Alert does not give back your mentions' quota.

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