You can create lists to keep track of your clients, partners, competitors, or specific newspapers in the Influencer Lists tab on Mention:

1. Click on Create List, from both the tab menu or the Action button in the Influencer Table.

2. Name your new Influencer List.

3. Add people to your List! You can do it in two different ways:

  • From the Influencer Tab, by clicking on the Action button on the right column:

  • Form the new List, by clicking on Add Influencers. Then you can add a new profile or website manually to your list.

You can see how many spokespersons you have added to your list just below the list name.

If you need to remove a profile or website from your Influencer list, you can click on the bin, in the actions column.

★ Export the Influencer lists

You can export the lists to review it with your team or to share it with other departments for cross-team knowledge.

You can export the list by clicking on the right menu, then you have the option to download it in CSV or XLS.

It can be really helpful to organize your work and manage your online conversations!

Downloading the lists will also allow you to assess the evolution through the weeks or months of the people talking about you, so you can identify spokespersons most frequently mentioning you.

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