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Languages Monitored by Mention

Discover which languages you can monitor through your Alert

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Mention offers language monitoring for all alerts! You have the option of monitoring one language or multiple languages in your keyword search. The language codes at the bottom of the page are the languages monitored on all alerts!

You can create an alert with specific languages to monitor or you can edit your language options any time you want! Please note that editing or removing a language in your alert will apply to new mentions.

★ For Basic Alerts

If you want to monitor your keywords in different languages, you can select them in the Languages section of the Basic Alert creation flow. You can select up to 10 languages.

★For Standard Alerts

If you create a Standard Alert , you can monitor up to 10 languages as well. You can select your languages on the right hand side of the Standard Alert page where you will see the 'languages' drop-down menu.

★ For Advanced Alerts

If you create an Advanced Alert, you can monitor all languages if you do not use any language filter in your Boolean Query.

If you add the Language Operator (lang:) to your Query, you can monitor up to 44 languages by using the Language codes below:

AF - Afrikaans

AR - Arabic

BE - Belarusian

BG - Bulgarian

CA - Catalan

CS - Czech

DA - Danish

DE - German

EL - Greek

EN - English

EO - Esperanto

ES - Spanish

ET - Estonian

FA - Persian

FI - Finnish

FR - French

HR - Croatian

HU - Hungarian

HY - Armenian

IS - Icelandic

IT - Italian

IW - Hebrew

JA - Japanese

KO - Korean

LT - Lithuanian

LV - Latvian

MS - Indonesian

NL - Dutch

NO - Norwegian

PL - Polish

PT - Portuguese

RO - Romanian

RU - Russian

SK - Slovak

SL - Slovenian

SR - Serbian

SV - Swedish

SW - Swahili

TH - Thai

TL - Tagalog

TR - Turkish

UK - Ukrainian

VI - Vietnamese

ZH - Chinese

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