You have already learnt about how to schedule your posts in Publish. However, sometimes your posts need to be edited due to new updates in information, changes in your editorial calendar, or even spelling modifications. For this, we offer a variety of management features built right into Publish to make sure you can modify content with ease!

Editing a Post

To edit a curated post, you can go to the Calendar View and click on the post that needs management. This will open a preview of the post and you will see the Edit Post option at the bottom of the preview.

Once clicked, the Composer will open and will give you the ability to edit content. From there, you can modify the post as you would like and then save the new post!

Editing Options Include:

  1. Changing the text of your post.

  2. Adding multimedia.

  3. Changing the time of your post.

From there, you can click on update post at the bottom right of your page!

Deleting a Post

If you find that you no longer want a scheduled post to send to your social platforms, you can delete it as well! The process to delete a scheduled post is to go into Edit Mode and delete the post at the bottom left corner of your Composer.

You can also hover over the account under Post(s) and a trash bin icon will appear!

Please note that post deletion for Publish is permanent!

Copying Text to another Post

To save time in curating your Publish Calendar, we offer the ability to Copy Text from one account to another!

❗️This feature is only available when you first create a post in Mention.

To use it, please create your text post first. Once the next is written, please hover to New Post on the left of the Composer. There, you can select the account that you want to copy your text to.

When your Composer switches to the new account, you will open a blank post preview. From there, the option Copy content from previous account post is available!

❗️Copy Content is only available for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and only allows you to copy text. If your post contains a photo, video or tagged Account, the option will not display.

Now you can get the most of our Publish feature! 😉

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