On a team account, your scheduled report may be shared to multiple users!

If the report is shared with multiple users, you will be shown the following popup when attempting a report deletion:

If you chose the 'I want to delete for myself' option, then you un-shared the report from your account. Un-sharing the report will remove it from your account but not from your colleagues who had access to the report. Since the report is still shared to your team members, they will continue to receive scheduled emails!

To resolve this and fully delete the report, you can have one of your team member's go to the report and fully delete it for the entire team. Please follow the steps below to find the report deletion popup in a report.

Helpful Tips:

  • Before deleting a Report, we recommend un-scheduling it. You can find the scheduling options by clicking on the scheduled option at the top right of your report.

  • You can also un-share the report from your colleagues. This will remove the 'I want to delete for myself' option. If the Report is only on your account, you will simply see the option to fully delete the report! To un-share a report, please click on the + sign at the top right of your report.

If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to support@mention.com or your Account Manager!

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