Mention is able to fetch relevant content on Pinterest's platform that relates to your keywords search.

Mention will fetch new mentions from Pinterest if your search query matches a Pin's title or description. Furthermore, Mention will fetch the URL of online postings that use the Pin in their page.

With the Pinterest source, Mention will provide:

  • A direct preview of the Pin with the ability to view the title and description.

  • The ability to share the Pin with your team members via email or open the Pin in a new tab on Pinterest's main platform.

  • The following KPI's for your Reports : Reach, Volume, Sentiment, Geolocation, Language, Days of Activity, Topics, and Time of Activity.

Extra Information:

  • Historical Data is not available for this source. Mention will fetch new data after your alert is created.

  • You can only monitor Pinterest in your alert query search.

  • You cannot engage with the Pin at this time. However, you can open the Pin in a new tab to like, reply, or share it!

  • Once activated in your account, you will be able to monitor Pinterest in all alert types on your Company Plan.

If you are interested in this monitoring source, please contact your Account Manager!

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