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Discover the Pinterest monitoring source on Mention!

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Mention is able to fetch relevant content on Pinterest's platform that relates to your keywords search.

Mention will fetch new mentions from Pinterest if your search query matches a Pin's title or description. Furthermore, Mention will fetch the URL of online postings that use the Pin in their page.

With the Pinterest source, Mention will provide:

  • A direct preview of the Pin with the ability to view the title and description.

  • The ability to share the Pin with your team members via email or open the Pin in a new tab on Pinterest's main platform.

  • The following KPI's for your Reports : Reach, Volume, Sentiment, Geolocation, Language, Days of Activity, Topics, and Time of Activity.

Extra Information:

  • Historical Data is not available for this source. Mention will fetch new data after your alert is created.

  • You can only monitor Pinterest in your alert query search.

  • You cannot engage with the Pin at this time. However, you can open the Pin in a new tab to like, reply, or share it!

Thank you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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