Basic Alerts offer two search capabilities: keyword searches and Monitored Pages! Monitored Pages function separately from your keywords search and they will not take into account your search terms! The Monitored Pages will simply fetch all posts and / or comments from the URLs you add.

Your options for Monitored Pages in Basic Alerts include:

  • Monitored Website: Mention will fetch all content posted by the URL.

  • Facebook Business Page: Mention will fetch all comments or posts from the Facebook URL. You have the option of viewing only posts, only comments, or both!

  • Twitter Account: Mention will fetch all posts related to the Twitter account including retweets, owned tweets, or any tweets mentioning the account's handle.

  • Review Websites: Mention has dedicated Review sites that we can monitor directly. Some options available to you include Google Local Reviews, Amazon Product Reviews, or TripAdvisor!

There are two ways to add Monitored Pages to your Basic Alert: in Basic Alert creation or in your Alert settings after the alert is created.

Alert Creation

Mention will auto-generate the brand's Facebook, Twitter, and Company URL pages if you title your alert after a recognized brand name. You can remove them before you create your alert if you would like!

❗️This is simply to assist with creating a Basic Alert in an efficient manner. To avoid excess Quota consumption, Mention will not turn on monitoring for your Facebook or Twitter page. Once your alert is created, you will need to go to Alert Settings to turn on the Monitored Page to ensure that those pages will monitor!

Edit your Alert

To edit Monitored Pages into your existing alert, you can head over to Alert Settings and click on:

  • Website & social profiles : Website URL, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Reviews Websites : Review sites that Mention can monitor.

Monitored Pages are interchangeable! You can add or remove different URL's into your alert at any time! Nonetheless, Mention will only fetch new data once your alert is edited with a different Monitored Page!

We hope Monitored Pages will assist with your brand monitoring for the Basic Alerts!

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