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Mention has the capability to monitor public subreddits through keyword crawling. If the keywords from your Mention alerts appear on a new post or comment, we will bring it into your Feed.

With regards to Reddit, Mention will provide:

  • A preview of the subreddit with the ability to view the publication and comments that appeared when the mention was retrieved.

  • The ability to share the mention to your colleagues or open the post on Reddit's main platform.

  • The following KPIs for your Analytics: Reach, Volume, Sentiment, Language, Days of Activity, Topics, and Time of Activity.

Before you begin monitoring Reddit, please make sure you are aware of the following clarifications:

  • Mention does not crawl private subreddits. You will only receive mentions from public subreddits when your keywords match the online publications.

  • Mention has the ability to fetch content from 18+ posts and threads; however, they will not preview in your Feed. To view these posts, you will need to open the mention in a new tab and view it directly on the Reddit site.

  • If your account has access to historical data, you can fetch historical Reddit mentions.

  • At this time, you cannot monitor specific subreddits on your alerts. When your keyword appears on any public subreddit, Mention will fetch it.

If you have any questions regarding Reddit monitoring, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Mention Support team!

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