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View Mentions on a Mobile Device
View Mentions on a Mobile Device

Utilize your cellular device to view the Mention Feed wherever you are!

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If you are on the move and do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer, you can login to Mention through your cellular device! The Mention Mobile Feed allows you to view your Feed directly on your cellphone's web browser.

In this article, we will teach you how to login to the Mobile Feed and provide you with insight on navigating the page on your cellular device.

Access the Mobile Feed

If you would like to access the Feed on your device, simply follow these steps:

1.Open your preferred browser app on your cellular device and go to

2.Please find the login button (top-right) and sign-in using the same credentials that you use for your laptop / desktop computer.

3.Once logged in, a pop-up message will appear asking if you would like to visit the Desktop Version or Mobile Version. Please click on Mobile Feed:

4. From there, your Mobile Feed will appear ! Mention will open the first alert from your account for you to view. Here, you will see the list of mentions:

At the top of the Feed, you will recognize the name of the alert you are accessing. On the right-hand side, the number of unread mentions for this alert will appear.

Similar to your Mention Feed on the web browser, Mention will provide a search bar with the ability to search for keywords or phrases. Below this, you will see a Source drop-down menu which will allow you to view mentions from specific sources.

Lastly, here is the data that the Feed will display:

  • The URL of the website or account handle of the social media page

  • The logo of the website or profile image of the social account

  • The source of the mention

  • A preview of text with your keywords highlighted

  • The date that the mention was fetched as well as sentiment

Navigate the Mobile Feed

There are many ways to interact with your Mobile Feed. In this section, we will teach you how to navigate, filter, and curate your Feed:

Switch Between Alerts:

When you login to the Mobile Feed, Mention will open the first alert from your list of alerts. If you would like to switch between alerts, please click on the 3 lines at the top left of your Feed.

This will open the list of alerts as well as the Sign-Out button for your account:

Switch Between Folders:

On your Mobile Feed, you will recognize four folders at the bottom of your page.

These folders are listed as follows:

  • Inbox: all of the mentions from your alert are listed here

  • Favorites: mentions that you've marked as favorite are listed here

  • Archived: mentions that you've manually archived are listed here

  • Trash: mentions that you've moved to the trash are listed here

Clicking on one of these icons will bring you to the folder and you can view the mentions that are housed in these folders are any time!

Engage with Mentions in the Mobile Feed

As you scroll through the mentions in your Mobile Feed, you may find some articles or posts that interest you. If you would like to review a mention, you can simply click on it and Mention will display the content directly on your mobile device.

When the article or social post opens, Mention will highlight the keywords from your alert. If you would like to view the article or post on the original website or social media platform, you can click on the 'Open in a New Tab' option.

Within the Mention site, you will see new buttons appear on your page when the mention is opened:

These buttons will allow you to curate the mention with the following options:

  • Sentiment: Mention will attempt to a assign a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment to your content. When you open the mention, you will recognize an emoji to indicate the sentiment. You have the option of manually changing this sentiment for your data tracking if you would like.

  • Favorite: If you would like to save the mention to your Favorites folder, you can click on this option.

  • Archive: If you would like to archive the mention, please click on this option.

  • Trash: If you want to remove this mention from the Feed, please click on this icon

Enable Browser Cookies on your Mobile Device

Please note that Cookies on your Mobile Device must be enabled to view mentions on the Mobile Feed. If cookies are not enabled, the preview will not display and you will need to open the mention in a new tab. To enable Cookies on your device, please follow these steps:

iPhone & iPad - Google Chrome, Firefox, & Other Browsers:

  • Go to the Settings app

  • Scroll down to the list of apps that you use and find Chrome

  • Once you click on Chrome app, a page will open with the settings such as Location, Camera Access, etc.

  • Please scroll to the bottom until you find 'Allow Cross-Website Tracking'. Please turn on this setting by clicking on the toggle button.

  • You're all set from there!

iPhone & iPad - Safari:

  • Go to the Settings app

  • Scroll down until you see the Safari app. Please click on Safari to open the app settings.

  • Scroll down until you find the Privacy & Security section of the Settings. Please make sure that Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies is turned off.

  • You're all set from there!

Android & Tablets - Google Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome app on your device

  • At the top right, click on 'More' and then choose Settings

  • Tap on Site Settings and then Cookies

  • Turn on the Cookies and you're all set!

We hope that the Mobile Feed can provide you with quick access to your mentions whenever you're on the go! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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