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Mention has the ability to monitor LinkedIn in the following ways using Monitored Pages. Monitored Pages will fetch all new posts from specific LinkedIn Company Page URLs that are added into your alert.

What is Fetched?

When LinkedIn posts are fetched, Mention will provide:

  • A preview of the post directly in the Feed with the ability to open the post on LinkedIn's native platform.

  • The option to curate the mention in your inbox or share the post externally by copying the link, sending via email, or posting on social media.

  • The following KPI's for your Analytic Reports: Volume, Sentiment, Language, Days of Activity, Topics, and Time of Activity.

Setup LinkedIn Monitoring

You can begin monitoring LinkedIn at any time! You have the option of adding URLs to your alert during alert creation or alert editing. We will go over both options below:

If you are creating an alert for the first time, please write your search query first and then go to the Monitored Pages tab. From there, you can paste the URL of the LinkedIn pages you want to monitor:

If you are editing an alert, please hover over the alert and click on the gear icon that appears. From there, your alert editing page will appear and you can head over to the Monitored Pages tab:

💡 When you add a LinkedIn URL to your Monitored Pages page, a new quota bar will appear to show you how many LinkedIn pages you can still add to your alerts!


At this time, there are some limitations to be aware of for LinkedIn Monitoring:

  • Mention does not keyword crawl LinkedIn's platform.

  • Mention does not fetch comments from LinkedIn posts.

  • Mention does not monitor LinkedIn Groups.

  • You cannot fetch Historical Data with LinkedIn.

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn monitoring, please do not hesitate to contact

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