Publishing on Instagram follows a dedicated workflow. Contrary to Facebook or Twitter where we can publish for you automatically, for Instagram we cannot (yet).

However, we allow you to plan instagram posts from our web interface. The D-day, we send you a reminder on your mobile (push notification). You need to click on this notification to post on Instagram manually; we upload automatically your image and the post description will be copied automatically in your clipboard. 

Workflow detailed steps

The first step is about creating the Instagram post from the web interface. To do so, click on a planning slot or the main "Compose" button (top right), then select the Business Instagram account with which you want to post.

You will land in the "Composer". You need to add one image to be able to plan your post on Instagram.

The D-day, you will receive this notification on your mobile:
(you need to install the application and make sure your notifications are enabled)

You need to click on this notification, the Mention application opens automatically on the post's details:

By clicking on "Post on Instagram" (at the bottom), the Instagram application opens. (You will need to accept the access to your library, we use it to store the images you scheduled to your scheduled posts)

We copied the description of your post in your clipboard, you need to paste it with a long-press in the description field:

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