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How do you verify the VAT number of each company?
How do you verify the VAT number of each company?
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Each VAT (Value Added Tax) number is automatically verified via this website.

If you need to declare a VAT for your invoice, please make sure it is listed as the correct VAT number for your region during signup.

❗️Incorrect VAT numbers may lead to incorrect chargers on your invoice.

For clients who self-report VAT charges internally, please still fill out the VAT as well. This is so that your Account does not incorrectly get charged for a missing VAT number. After your first invoice is processed, you can contact [email protected] to get the invoice number removed for self-reporting.

❗️If you are incorrectly charged a VAT, please contact your designated bank to request a VAT charge refund.

You can also contact [email protected] to assist with making edits to your subscription so that you are not charged in the future.

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