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Monitoring Mentions without Country information
Monitoring Mentions without Country information

How to deal with mentions when Country is not detected

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Unfortunately, not every article or Social mention informs us what Country the mention is coming from. When this happens we mark these mentions as undetected.

Some mentions do not come with location-related information, either because such information is hidden, or because the mentions come through a service that has a location which does not reflect the end-user's. With regards to monitoring, we offer filters for each alert help with monitoring these mentions without Country! Please see the information below for each alert type:

★ Basic Alerts

In a Basic Alert, you can find the Country monitoring menu in your alert's Edit Mode. From there, you can choose on the filter titled Get Mentions Without Country Information. This will ensure that mention tracks content without country data codes.

Here are the steps to conduct this process:

  • Hover over the alert you want to adjust and click on Edit when the button appears

  • In Alert Settings, you will see Monitored Countries. You might see the 'All Countries' box checked. Please check this off to access the drop-down menu.

  • In the drop-down please check off Get Mentions without country information

  • Save your alert!

Mention Tip: we also advise you to add Language restrictions to your alert so that you'll still keep getting relevant mentions only. The language filter is right above Monitored Countries in alert settings.

★ Standard Alert

In the Standard Alert, you can apply the Get Mentions without Country Information in the alert edit page. Please follow these steps:

  • Hover over the alert you want to adjust and click on Edit when the button appears

  • Please go to boolean keywords search tab and then click on Edit the Query

  • From there, you will see Monitored Countries on the right-hand side. Please click on the drop-down menu and check off Get Mentions without country information.

  • Tip: Please add any language restrictions so you monitor relevant mentions.

  • Save your alert!

★ Advanced Alerts

If you want to monitor mentions without Country information through the Boolean Query, you need to add the following operator:


Here, we're looking for "Nike Air Max" mentions that come from undetected countries, and we're adding a language constraint (lang:fr):

Can I combine specific and undetected Countries in the same query?

Of course! Let's consider our example - we want to know all about Nike Air Max, either in France when we know for sure the information comes from this Country, or at least in French when we can't be certain of the Country of origin of the post. The query would then be:

To get a full overview of proper monitoring with country codes, please head over to this article: Country Codes for Advanced Alerts

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