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Countries Monitored by Mention
Discover which countries you can monitor through your alerts!
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When you want to get mentions by Country through your Alert, you need to know that these mentions may include extra information related to their location.

❗️Please note that some mentions do not come with location-related information, either because such information is hidden, or because the mentions come through a service that has a location which does not reflect the end-user's (Facebook, Instagram)

★ For Basic Alerts

You will monitor all the Countries by default when you create your Basic Alert.

If you want to monitor your keywords for different countries, you can select them in the Countries section of your Alert settings. You can select up to 10 countries.

★ For Standard Alerts

The Standard Alert can monitor up to 10 countries in your search. If you do not pick specific countries to monitor, then the alert will just monitor every country!

You can find the the country monitoring menu in your Standard Alert query on the right-hand side. From there, you can click on the drop-down menu to filter your countries.

★ For Advanced Alerts

Thanks to the Advanced Alerts, Mention can monitor specific countries that have an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. You will need to use the two letter code along with the country operator (source_country:)

Please note that this Operator only works for Web, News, Blogs, Forums and Twitter.

Here's an example of a keyword search for Nike Air Max in France only:

"Nike Air Max" AND source_country:FR

The country operator is a great way to view content from a specific country or multiple countries! For a full overview of using country codes, please head over to this article: Country Codes in Advanced Alerts

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