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How Does Mention Calculate the Influence Score?
How Does Mention Calculate the Influence Score?

Identify the most important mentions in your Feed

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The Influence Score is Mention's scoring system that categorizes mentions by importance and popularity. It is a number that ranges between 0 to 100 and will appear in multiple areas of your platform depending on your subscription.

Mention calculates Influence Score differently depending on the Source. The Influence Score is currently available for the following sources: Twitter, Facebook, Web, News, Blogs, and Forums. Below, you will find a breakdown of Mention's algorithms depending on the source:

Twitter Influence Score:

Mention will provide the Influence Score of Twitter accounts in your dashboard. The Influence Score is calculated using these metrics:

  • Number of followers

  • Number of following

  • Number of posts in the Twitter account

Facebook Influence Score:

With regards to the Influence Score, Mention only fetches data from public business pages. In the platform, Mention will provide an Influence Score that corresponds to the number of page likes on the Facebook page.

Web/News/Blogs/Forums Influence Score:

With regards to online web monitoring, Mention will provide the Influence Score for the entire website and not specific articles on a site. To calculate Influence Score, Mention gathers data about the popularity of the website and the backlink that point back to the website.

Sources without Influence Score:

At this time, Mention does not provide the Influence Score for the following sources:

  • Instagram

  • Videos

  • Radio & TV

  • TikTok

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

With Mention, feel free to track the Influence Scores of popular websites and social media pages directly in your Feed! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions.

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