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Sources that Mention Keyword Crawls
Sources that Mention Keyword Crawls

Discover the sources that Mention can monitor with your keyword searches in mind.

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When you create an Alert in Mention, you have the option of monitoring data in two distinct ways: Keyword Searches and Monitored Pages. Keyword searching is the primary method of monitoring data online for your Alerts. When you create an alert, you are required to add keywords in order for Mention to begin fetching online posts.

In your Mention Feed, you will receive new mentions when your keywords appear in online publications or conversations. These mentions will be filtered and categorized by different Sources based on information provided by the website. In this article, we will present you with information about the Sources that Mention categorizes! These are the sources that we will cover:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Forums

  • Reddit

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • News

  • Web

  • Radio & TV

  • TikTok

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

❗Mention has the ability to monitor public content online for web and social media posts across different channels and sites. The list that you see above simply shows the filters that Mention uses to categorize your data in the Feed!

💡Mention Tip: Please note that Mention offers additional sources for monitoring with Monitored Pages such as LinkedIn monitoring and Review Site monitoring. Monitored Pages are not required but they are a great way to enhance your online searches.

Let’s go deeper into each Source to better understand what results you can get!

★ Facebook

Mention has the ability to monitor Facebook business pages on the social platform. Mention will match your keywords to the post and fetch that content in your Feed.

❗At this time, Mention cannot monitor profiles or Facebook Groups, according to the Facebook Data Policy.

💡Mention Tip: Mention Solo Plans do not have access to Facebook keyword crawling. However, Solo plan users can monitor Facebook using a Monitored Page.

👉 Find out more information about Facebook monitoring here.

★ Instagram

Mention can monitor posts from Instagram Business Pages or Public Profiles.

Mention will fetch content to your Feed when your keywords match the Instagram post. At this time, Mention does not monitor comments from Instagram, only the caption.

❗If you want to monitor Instagram, please add hashtags to your Alert configurations. Hashtags will enhance your monitoring on Instagram.

👉 Find out more information about Instagram monitoring here.

★ Twitter

Mention can monitor tweets from Twitter accounts. Mention will fetch tweets and retweets that match the keywords in your alert.

💡Mention Tip: if you connect a Twitter account to Mention, you can reply to the tweets from your Mention Feed!

★ Forums

Mention can monitor posts and comments that are shared on public Forum websites.

❗If the Forum is not public or content from the forum is restricted by a login page, Mention will not crawl the Forum post.

★ Reddit

Mention can fetch content from public sub-reddits. If your keyword matches a post or comment, it will appear in your Feed.

❗At this time, Mention does not monitor private sub-reddits.

★ Blogs

Mention can monitor posts made on Blog websites. The system will fetch Blog posts when your keywords appear in the title or body of the Blog post.

★ Videos

Mention will categorize data as 'Videos' when the main content of the page is a video and your keywords appear on the website.

★ News

Mention will fetch News mentions when the title or body of the article include your keywords. Mention has the ability to monitor local news sites as well as multi-national news sites.

❗At this time, Mention cannot monitor the comments made on News sites. Furthermore, Mention cannot monitor certain news sites that have paywalled content. Please contact for further clarification on specific sites that you have in mind!

★ Web

Mention utilizes Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) to categorize the content that is brought into your account. Our technology takes a look at several specificities of the website such as it's structure, lexical field, etc. Mention compares the information from new mentions to information that is already known from previous mentions.

If our system cannot categorize your mention by News, Forums, Reddit, or Blog, then it will be marked as Web. Mention will crawl Web mentions using your keywords search in the title or body of a post.

❗The comments or reviews for Web won’t appear as mentions.

★ Radio & TV

Mention has the ability to monitor content from local and national television channels coming from the United States and Canada. When a program mentions the keywords from your alert, the broadcast will be brought into your Feed.

This option is only available for mentions coming from the United States and Canada. Please contact if you would like to learn more!

★ TikTok

Mention can fetch TikTok videos into your feed when your search matches a TikTok's description.

👉 Learn more about TikTok monitoring.

❗Mention does not monitor the comments of TikToks.

★ Pinterest

Mention can fetch Pins from Pinterest when your search matches the description of the Pin. On top of this, Mention will fetch web postings that utilize the Pin's URL in their post.

👉 Learn more about Pinterest monitoring.


Mention can fetch YouTube videos into your Feed when your keyword search matches the title or description of the video from YouTube.

💡Mention Tip: You can view YouTube videos directly on your Mention Feed!

👉 Learn more about YouTube monitoring.

Thank you! If you have any questions about the way Mention categorizes the Sources or how data is fetched, please do not hesitate to contact!

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