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Yes, we do monitor Instagram!

We track it in two distinctly different ways: Instagram as a Monitored Page in your Alert and Instagram as a Source.

Mentions from Instagram that match your keywords or query

Instagram posts from public profiles or business pages are shown in your Feed when the caption of the post matches your alert keywords. Mention will fetch photos and reels into your Feed.

❗️Please note that Mention will match your alert keywords to the hashtags on an Instagram post. Mention can only bring content in when hashtags appear on the publication.

At this time , Mention will not fetch comments, IGTV videos, or Stories through keyword monitoring.

Mentions from Instagram as a Monitored Page

In Mention, you can monitor any public Business page from Instagram. This will allow you to be able to receive all the posts published on that page regardless of the keywords you are monitoring.

First, you have to connect an Instagram Business page to Mention. From there, you can create an alert and add the Instagram Business pages that you want to monitor to the Monitored pages section of your alert.

❗️We only monitor the posts in an Instagram Business page as a Monitored page. The comments in these posts are not fetched, neither are the stories.

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