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Yes, we do monitor Facebook! Mention monitors Facebook in two ways that we will go over today:

Facebook Keyword Crawling

Mention can monitor posts from Facebook public business pages. If a post includes text that you are monitoring in your alerts, it can be brought in!

If the Facebook post has comments, Mention will display a preview of the comments as well in the preview:

💡Mention Tip: Engage with Facebook Mentions

If you connect your own Facebook business page to Mention through Account Settings, you can engage with the posts that pull into your Mention feed by commenting on the main post, replying to a comment, or liking the post!

To learn more, check this article out: Connect a Social Account to Mention.

❗With regards to Facebook Keyword Crawling, here are the limitations:

  • Mention does not specifically monitor comments from Facebook.

  • Mention does not monitor public profiles or Facebook groups

Facebook Monitored Pages

Within a Mention Alert, you can monitor any public business page from Facebook as a Monitored Page. Monitored Pages allow you to fetch all of the posts and comments from specific Facebook Page URLs.

Within your Alert Editing Page, you will have access to the Monitored Pages and Reviews tab where you can paste the Facebook Page URLs you want to monitor and set up specific monitoring configurations.

For Facebook Monitored Pages, you have the following monitoring options:

  • You can monitor all of the new posts that the Facebook page publishes

  • You can monitor all of the comments that are made on posts from the Facebook page

⚙️ When a comment is fetched from Facebook Monitored Pages, they will be listed as Unknown in your Feed. This is due to the fact that Mention cannot display the profile names of users in the platform:

❗You can only add Facebook Business Page URLs to the Monitored Pages tab. You cannot use Monitored Pages to monitor Facebook Profiles or Facebook Groups.

📖 Learn more about Monitored Pages

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