Yes, we do monitor Facebook!

We track it in two distinctly different ways, Facebook as a monitored page in your Alert and Facebook as a source.

Mentions from Facebook as a Monitored page

In Mention, you can monitor any public Business page from Facebook. This will allow you to be able to receive all the posts and the comments from the 100 latest posts published on that page.

You have to add the Facebook Business page that you want to monitor to the Monitored pages section of your alerts settings.

You have the possibility to remove your own content if you are monitoring your page, to only receive the comments. You can also select the option to receive only the posts.

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You will be able to see the author of the comment in the mention’s preview if you are monitoring a page that you have previously connected with Mention. In any other case, you can access the information by clicking on the Facebook comment time.

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Mentions from Facebook that match your keywords or query

You can find posts on Facebook for only public business pages that mention your keyword or query.

It is possible to see the comments of those posts when opening the mention in the app. However, those comments won't be received as mentions like they are for a monitored page.

Mention doesn’t monitor the comments that mentioned your keywords.

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