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Yes, we do monitor Facebook!

We track it in two distinctly different ways: Facebook as a Monitored Page in your Alert and Facebook as a Source.

Mentions from Facebook as a Monitored page

In Mention, you can monitor any public Business page from Facebook as a Monitored Page. This will allow you to be able to receive posts and comments coming from that page!

You have to add the Facebook Business page URL that you want to monitor to the Monitored pages section of your alerts settings.

You have the option remove your own content if you are monitoring your own page. This will ensure that you do not consume quota by fetching the Facebook page's own posts. You can also select the option to receive only the posts.

👉 Learn more about Monitored Pages

Mentions from Facebook that match your keywords or query

Mention will keyword crawl the posts from Facebook public business pages. If a post matches your search query, it can be brought in!

If a Facebook post that is fetched through keyword crawling has comments, you will be able to view the comments by opening the preview. However, Mention does not specifically keyword crawl comments. We only crawl the Facebook post.

Mention does not monitor Facebook profiles or Facebook groups with keyword crawling at this time.

Mention Tip - Engage with Mentions from Facebook

If you connect your own Facebook business page to Mention through Account Settings, you can engage with the posts that pull into your Mention feed by commenting on the main post, replying to a comment, or liking the post!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Mention Support team!

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