The influencer score is Mention's scoring system to identify which mentions are of higher importance. It is always a number between 0 and 100 and it is differently calculated for each Source.

The Influencer score is currently available for these sources:

★ Twitter Influence Score

Twitter score is made of, ordered by decreasing importance:

  • the number of followers

  • the number of following

  • the number of posts in the Twitter account.

★ Web/News/Blogs/Forums Influencer Score

Mention take into account the popularity of the website and the backlinks pointing to it, thanks to an external provider. Please note that the score is related to the whole website, not to the unique article.

★ Facebook pages Influence Score

The Facebook score correspond to the number of the Facebook page likes (this is not calculated in a mention level).

❗️Mention is not providing this KPI for others Sources like Instagram, Videos, Facebook personal profiles or Radio/TV.

Follow the Influencer score to identify the most important mentions in your Feed!

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