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Publish & Oversee Campaigns from Social Media
Publish & Oversee Campaigns from Social Media

Learn how to manage your social media presence with Mention Publish.

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Publish is Mention's social media management tool that will allow you and your team to organize brand communications for multiple social accounts. Whether your team is overseeing a social media campaign, sharing brand updates, or simply posting fun memes, Publish will allow you to consolidate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn accounts into one collaborative calendar.

In this article, we will share information about each feature that is built into Publish:

Create Content on the Publish Calendar

The Content Calendar is where you and your team will create, schedule, and review the posts from your social media pages. Having a clear and organized social media calendar with ready to go content is important in growing your social community and improving engagement.

Within Publish, the Calendar will display an overview of the content that is scheduled from your multiple social media pages:

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Through the Content Calendar, you can:

  • Preview the scheduled content that is set to publish automatically on social media.

  • Edit or delete content at any time.

  • View the analytics and perfromance of your posts after they are published.

The Content Calendar is your main component of Publish where you can keep your social media feeds nurtured and updated to maintain a positive social media presence. The collaborative calendar will allow your team to create new content across multiple channels that will follow a consistent brand voice!

Save Content in the Draft Folder

Sometimes you may not be ready to schedule content on the Calendar. Within Publish, you will have access to the Drafts Folder which is a dedicated tab for un-published content:

Within the Draft Folder, you can:

  • Store content within Publish that you are not ready to schedule yet.

  • Edit or delete content at any time before publishing.

  • Review which team members have modified the content.

The Draft Folder is a great storage area for content that still needs to be refined or content that will be added to the calendar for future campaigns! Once you feel confident in your post, you can simply transfer the post to your Calendar and Mention will automatically publish your content on the scheduling date that you choose.

Review Content with the Approval Workflow

If you oversee multiple social media teams, you can activate the Approval Workflow within Publish to ensure that content is properly reviewed before it is scheduled to the Calendar.

Once activated, the Approval Workflow will integrate two roles into your Publish platform: Creators and Moderators. Creators will have the ability to create content, but they will need to request approval for their posts before the content is scheduled on the Calendar. Moderators have the ability to create content and approve or deny posts that are sent for review.

The Approval Workflow is a great way to ensure that your brand guidelines are being followed across multiple social media platforms. You can also utilize the workflow to provide constructive feedback to your team!

📖 Once you are ready to implement this social media process into your team's workflow, you can check out this content:

Upload Multimedia in the Content Library

The Content Library is your storage area in Publish that will allow you to pre-upload text, photos, GIFs, and videos that you can repurpose for multiple social media posts:

Within the Content Library, you can:

  • Seamlessly transition your content from the library into your social media composer to curate new posts at a rapid pace.

  • Re-use illustrations, video content, and other multimedia for multiple social posts across different platforms.

  • Create folders to categorize assets by media type, campaign, or anything else.

The Content Library will serve as a resource for your team when it comes to planning and organizing campaigns. By storing multimedia in one dedicated area, you and your team will spend less time looking for media assets and can dedicate more time to strategizing and creating new content for your audience.

📖 If you would like to begin organizing multimedia into the Content Library, please check out this article:

Benefits of Publish

So what are the benefits of Publish for you and your team?

  • Organize all company Social Media posts into one Calendar.

  • Collaborate with multiple Team members at the same place, ensuring the relevance of your editorial Calendar.

  • Keep your Team updated on communication through official company channels.

  • Save time with post drafts, scheduled posts, and post copying capabilities.

  • Prioritize important topics about your company that you would like to share across different channels.

  • Plan the launch of your new products or services.

  • Share articles you find in your Alerts' Feed on your official Social channels to keep your audience interested and engaged.

  • And above all, increase your awareness and your Social Media presence!

Thank you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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