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Manage the access to your Social Accounts
Manage the access to your Social Accounts

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When you add a social account to Mention, you have the option to share access to your teammates on the Mention Subscription at any time through your Social Account settings.

In this article, we will teach you how to share a social account and revoke access!

Share a Social Account

To grant your teammates permission to your Social Accounts, you need to go in your Settings, and click on the + button under the Access tab:

The share window will appear and allow you to choose multiple teammates or all teammates to share the Account with. Once you are finished, you can click on Done:

Restrict access to a Social Account

As above, you need to access your Social Accounts list. Next, click on the + symbol of the Social Account you want to restrict.

Untick the teammates you want to restrict access to, and click on Done. Once this is done, your teammates will no longer be able to access the Social Accounts feature for the Social Accounts you restricted, across with the rest of features linked to this access.

Delete a Social Account

You also have the option of completely deleting the Social Account from your Mention platform which also restricts access to everyone who was previously using it.

To do this, click on the ⚙️symbol under Settings:

From there, please make sure you click on the option "I want to delete for everyone". This will delete the social account from your Mention account as well as your teammates who had access to the social account.

If you choose the option I want to leave this account, it will not delete the account for your colleagues.

❗️Please note that removing the Account also removes the content from Publish, Respond, and your Reports.

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