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When you are finished with a conversation on Respond, you can close the conversation to keep your inbox clean. There are two methods to close the messages you are done engaging with:


Close Conversations from your Respond Menu:

When you are viewing a message on Respond, you will see the Close button appear at the top of your messenger:


Close Conversations from your List of Messages:

When you hover your cursor over a message from your inbox list, you will see the Close button appear:


Send and Close Conversations from the Messenger:

When you type a message on Respond, you will be given the option to Send and Close the conversation. This is a great way to rapidly reply to short conversations:

⚙️ Each inbox in Respond has its own Closed Conversations folder including the Unassigned Inbox. If your colleague closes a conversation in their inbox, it will be directed to their own Closed inbox folder.

💡You can re-open closed conversations in the following ways:

  • View the closed message in respond and click on the 're-open' button.

  • Hover over the closed message and click on the 're-open' button.

  • Open a closed message and reply to the message. This will automatically re-open the conversation in your inbox.

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