Our Historical Data feature enables you to go back up to May 2016 to collect web mentions related to the topic you are interested in. This is an add-on feature to your Enterprise plan.

Please refer to the steps below to learn how to activate Historical Data within an Advanced Alert. At the bottom of this article, you can find the specifications of Historical Data within Mention.

1. Activate history

Historical Data can be activated within an Advanced Alert once your query is created and you have given your alert a title. To activate the Historical Data, toggle the button that says Activate History.

2. Choose desired historical time period

When you toggle on this button, the Historical Data preview panel will appear to notify you the expected result of historical mentions for the previous 30 days. If you are happy with just historical mentions from this desired time period, you can click on Deduct From My Quota.

The Historical Data preview is automatically set to the previous 30 days when you first activate it. Please note that if you want older Mentions, you must change the desired date manually. To do this action, please click on the Show Mentions From... preview panel and move the calendar to the desired historical date.

Once you are all set with your desired configurations for Historical Data, you can go ahead and create your alert! Your alert will begin to fetch historical mentions and new mentions.

Historical Data Specifications

  • Mention can only fetch Historical Data up to May 6, 2016.
  • Mention can only fetch web, news, blogs, and forums' historical data. Historical Data will not fetch historical social media data such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • You can only fetch Historical Data in Alert Creation. You cannot activate Historical Data once an alert is already active. To do this, you would need to re-create your alert again.
  • Historical Data is a feature that is only available in Advanced Alerts. Basic alerts cannot fetch Historical Data. You will need to re-create your alert to activate this feature.
  • If the Historical Data exceeds your monthly Mention quota, the system will provide a disclaimer and will not let you create the alert.
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