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Learn how to fetch the correct Google URLs for your Monitored Pages

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If your business or a competitor has a Google Local Review page, you can add their review to your alert via the Review Pages section! Please follow the steps below to fetch the correct URL and add it to your Mention Alert.

How do I get the correct Google URL?

2. On the page, use the location search bar to find the business you want to monitor:

3. Once you find the business, please copy the Place ID:

4. From there, paste the Place ID to the end of this URL:


5. You can use this new URL you've created and paste it to your Monitored Page. Please review the next few sections for assistance on each alert type.

How do I add the Google Local Review to an Alert?


Basic Alert

  1. Head over to the Monitored Pages tab and click on the Review Websites section.

  2. Click on the Add a Review website button and a pop-up will appear.

  3. Paste the URL.

  4. Save your alert!


Standard Alert

  1. Open the Standard Alert configuration page.

    1. If you are creating a Standard Alert, the configuration page will open first.

    2. If you are editing a Standard Alert, you will need to click on the edit boolean keyword search tab to open the settings page.

  2. Click on the Monitored & Review Pages tab that appears at the top of your creation page.

  3. Head over to the Review Pages section and paste the URL and add a title.

  4. Save your Alert!


Advanced Alert

  1. On the Advanced Alert configuration page, you will need to head over to the Monitored Pages section and click on the tab titled Review Websites.

  2. From there, click on the add a review website button and a pop-up will appear.

  3. Please paste the URL and save your alert.

  4. You're all set!


📖 For more information about Monitored Pages, check out this article: Monitored Pages in Alerts

Once your alert is modified, Mention will fetch new reviews as they appear online! Now you can easily track your business or a competitor's reviews!

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