To avoid clutter in your feed, Mentions offers a filter to organize identical data! The Grouped Mentions filter will combine mentions that share similar text on a web page or tweet:

  • Web mentions that are similar include re-shares of an article on multiple news site.

  • Tweets refers to retweets in your mention feed.

You will notice grouped mentions in your feed when they have the re-share symbol.

If you hover over your mouse over the symbol, Mention will show you the URLs and influence score of the grouped mentions. Clicking on one of the mentions will open them in a new tab for you as well.

There are two definitions to remember about grouped mentions:

  • Parent mention: the parent mention is the mention that you see in your feed with the grouped mention symbol.

  • Children mention: the children mentions are the mentions within the re-share symbol. These are the mentions grouped to your parent mention.

If mention notices identical web postings or tweets, the filter will organize the content into just one parent mention mention. This will help you keep your feed clean when scrolling through new mentions!

Turn off Grouped Mentions:

Please note that Grouped Mentions are automatically turned on when you create a new alert! However, you can turn off the filter by heading to your filters tab in the search bar.

In the filters tab, please head over to the Group Mentions section to choose your preferences. You can group or un-group mentions whenever you would like!

Helpful Tips:

  • Mention will automatically un-group your mentions in the Data Reports. If you want to export mentions through your feed, please un-group them first.

  • If you feel that new mentions are missing in your feed, try un-grouping your mentions first before scrolling through your content.

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