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Use Operators in the Search Bar
Use Operators in the Search Bar

Strategically use operators to filter your mentions!

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The Search Bar in your Mention Feed allows you to filter data by text appearing in your mentions. A general search using words or phrases in the search bar will match your search to the URL, title, or body of an online posting. Mention offers a list of operators that you can utilize in your to specify your search needs for web and social media mentions!


  • To utilize the operators, please add them before your search word or phrase!

  • If you would like use the operator with a phrase, please enclose your phrase with parentheses

    • Example: "Coca Cola"

You can find more information for the Mention search operators below!


The title: operator will fetch relevant content that matches a web posting's title section. From there, Mention will filter your feed with the appropriate data. The operator will exclude URLs and the body of the web posting.

The title: operator only works with web mentions. Social Media mentions will not fetch with this search operator since social media posts do not have titles.

Please refer to the example below:


The body: operator reads the body of the web posting or social media post. It will exclude the title and URL of an article.

  • Web Mentions: the search operator will fetch content based on the body of an web post.

  • Social Media Mentions: the search operator will read the body of the social media post such as a tweet or caption.


Mention also offers the ability to use the search bar in conjunction with URLs that interest your search needs.

For this operator, you will need to add the full domain in exclamation points:

URL: "" will fetch correctly ✅

URL: "mention" will not fetch the data ❌

Search Operators: OR , AND, AND NOT

The search operators for OR, AND , AND NOT are also available in the search bar as well! You can utilize these operators to merge or exclude certain content.

"OR" Searches will fetch mentions that include one of your search terms or phrases.

Example: "Apple" OR "Oranges" will filter mentions that utilize one of these words

"AND" Searches will only fetch mentions that include both search items.

Example: "Apple" AND "Oranges" will only show mentions that include both words

"AND NOT" Searches will exclude search items to filter your feed

Example: "Apple" AND NOT "Oranges" will filter mentions where Apple appears in the text but Oranges does not.

❗We exclude some data here so be careful with the AND NOT search

The operators function in the same way as boolean operators in Advanced Alerts. Please refer to the video tutorial to learn more about how the operators filter data: AND / OR / NOT Video Tutorial

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