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Trending Hashtags in Social Analytics Reports
Trending Hashtags in Social Analytics Reports

Learn about the popular topics that are being discussed

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Hashtags are a great way to review topics of conversations across multiple social media platforms. Utilizing Mention's Social Analytics Reports, you will be able to analyze the top hashtags that are used on your social pages, or that of a competitors.

Within the Top Hashtags module, Mention will also display the 🔥 emoji to your Trending Hashtags! Mention defines Trending Hashtags as new hashtags that appear on the social media page you are monitoring with your analytics report.

For Trending Hashtags, Mention takes into account the time period cycles of your Reports. For example, if you create a report to monitor a social media page every 7 days, Mention will determine new trending hashtags on a 7-day cycle. A hashtag that did not appear 7 days ago will appear with the 🔥 emoji to signify it is new.

Along with the emoji, you will find a number that indicates how many times the hashtag was utilized during the time period designated for your report. Mention will also take this into account to ensure you see accurate data of the hashtag usage!

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