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Create and Navigate Your Workspaces
Create and Navigate Your Workspaces

Divide your team members or clients into specific groups within your Mention Company Plan

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Within your Mention account, you have the option of creating multiple workspaces that will divide team members into different sub-groups. Multiple workspaces will allow you to manage the users on your subscription and the data that is fetched on your account.

In this article, we will teach you the following topics:

Let's begin by going over some benefits to creating your workspaces!

Benefits of Workspaces

Implementing multiple workspaces into your Mention account will allow you to control the access of data across the users on your account. In a workspace, your users will have access to all of the Mention features on your subscription such as alert creation, report creation, and more. On top of this, all of the data fetched, reports created, and social accounts connected within a workspace will remain in that workspace. A user can only access these things if they are invited to join the space.

If you are using Mention with internal team members from different departments, you can use workspaces to ensure that each department has a dedicated area for their needs. For example, you can set up a workspace for your marketing team so they can connect their brand social accounts and schedule posts on Publish. In another workspace, you can invite team members that are dedicated to brand monitoring who will set up alerts to monitor the status and sentiment of your brand online.

If you are an agency with multiple clients on the Mention account, you can categorize your clients into dedicated workspaces for their accounts. This will ensure that your clients only access alerts, reports, and social accounts that are meant for them. You will not need to worry about your clients seeing data that is meant for someone else.

Before you begin creating a Workspace, please review the prerequisites below!

Workspaces Prerequisite

On your Mention account, you must make sure that your role is listed as an Administrator. At this time, only Admins have the ability to create and access all of the workspaces on the Mention account.

To check your role, please go to your Settings page by clicking on your profile icon to open the page. The layout of your Settings page will determine your role:

  • If your settings page has the Administrator tab , then you are the Admin and you can begin to create a workspace at any time:

  • If your Settings page has the Team tab, then you are not an Admin. You will need to request a role change from an Admin before accessing workspaces:

Once you are properly listed as an Admin, you can create your workspaces!

Administrator & Workspace Page

As an Administrator, you will have access to two specific tabs: Administrator and Workspaces. In this section, we will explain the purpose of each tab because they have distinct permissions regarding your account.


Administrator Page:

The Administrator Page is the area that will allow you to manage your team members for the entire Mention account. This page will display information about every workspace on your account in just one area.

We recommend using this page when you want to conduct team management across your entire account such as team member deletion, transferring team members to a another workspace, or promoting users to the admins role:


Workspace Page:

The Workspace Page is the area that will allow you to manage the specific workspace you are on. In this tab, you can only view information that is specific to the workspace such as the alerts and users on the space.

Please note that this page is dynamic and will change when you switch to a new workspace! We recommend using this space when you need to conduct actions for the space such as changing the role of a user, modifying their access to alerts, or removing them from the space:

We will now teach you how to create and manage your workspaces! In the next sections, we will go over more about the administrator and workspace tabs!

Create a Workspace

In order to create a Workspace, you will need to go into the Settings page and click on the Administrator tab. From there, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the +Create a Workspace button at the top right of your page.

  • Please title your workspace and feel free to add an logo to your space. If you do not add an image, your space will have the Mention star logo instead.

  • Once created, the space will automatically appear in your Administrator tab.

When a workspace is created on your account, it will be completely empty. Within the workspace, you have the option of:

  • Adding a new team member to the space

  • Transferring an existing team member to the new workspace

  • Creating new alerts and reports within the space

  • Connecting a new social account within the space

  • Exporting any data from the space

As mentioned before, only users who are in this space will see the new alerts, social accounts, and team members!

❗Please note that you cannot transfer alerts, mentions or social accounts from one workspace to another at this time. Your new workspace will require you to create new alerts or re-connect social accounts.

Access a Workspace

As an Admin, you can access the workspaces on your Mention account at any time with no limitations. This only applies to the Admin role. If your role is Guest, User, or Manager, you can only access the workspace you have access to.

To switch between workspaces, please click on the icon that appears above your profile image. From there, please click on the workspace you want to access:

The Workspace navigation list will provide you with the following information:

  • The workspace you are currently on

  • The list of workspaces that are created on your Mention account

When you enter a workspace, your view of the platform will change. You will be able to see the alerts, mentions, and list of social accounts created within that space. This is a great way to view the data usage of your team members or clients on each space!

Manage or Delete a Workspace

If you are an Admin or Manager, you can modify your workspace at any time by going to the Workspaces tab in Account Settings. You will see specific details about the current workspace you are accessing. In this section, you can:

  • Change the name of the workspace or the logo of the space

  • Change the roles of users on the space

  • Modify the alert access that your users have

  • Add new members to the space (who are not already on your Mention account)

  • Remove team members from the space

  • Delete the workspace entirely

Before you delete a workspace, please review the list of team members on the space. If your team member only has access to one space, please grant them access to another space. You are not allowed to delete a workspace if a team member does not have access to multiple spaces! You also have the option of deleting the team member completely from the account by going to the Administrator tab instead.

If you have any questions about Mention Workspaces, please reach out to [email protected]!

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