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Divide your Quota Between Workspaces
Divide your Quota Between Workspaces

Learn how to manage data consumption for your alerts

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Within your Mention account, your allotted quota is dispersed equally amongst all of your workspaces. As a Mention Administrator, you have the option of placing specific parameters on your account to ensure that your quota consumption is properly managed.

If you are using Mention with other team members, you can ensure that your colleagues do not accidentally consume all of your data in a short period of time by placing limits on quota consumption.

If you are an agency using Mention, you can use the quota parameters to properly invoice your clients that are receiving data. You have the option of adjusting the quota limits at any time depending on a client's data needs. If your clients require more quota, you can increase their data consumption and re-adjust their billing contract.

In this article, we will teach you how to configure these parameters to the workspaces in your account. Here is the agenda for today:

Overview of Quota in Mention

The quota in your Mention Account is categorized by your overall Plan Consumption and your Mentions Quota. These two quotas consume data in different ways so it is important to understand how they work.


★ Plan Consumption

Plan Quota is a fixed number based on your subscription and it refers to account usage in Mention. Here is a breakdown of your Mention Plan quota:

  • The number of alerts that can be created on your account

  • The number of social accounts that can be connected to your account

  • The number of users that can be added to your account

  • The number of reports that your team members can create on the account

💡 Mention will refund you this quota any time you delete an alert, user, social account, or report. For example, let's say you want to create a new report on your account but you have already hit your 10 report limit. If you delete a report, this will grant you the quota you need to create another one.

If you are a Mention Admin, you can review the Plan Consumption by opening your Account Settings and heading over to the Quota or Admin Quota tab. Here, you will see a breakdown of the Plan Consumption:


★ Mentions Quota

Your Mentions Quota is the number of mentions that you can receive every 30 days. Whenever you receive a mention, it will be deducted from this mentions quota. Let's say your subscription offers 10,000 mentions a month. If you receive 2,000 mentions in a day, then you have 8,000 mentions left for the remainder of your 30 day cycle.

Unlike your Plan Consumption, the Mentions Quota cannot be refunded. Once a mention is collected, it will be deducted from the quota. Please note that deleting or spamming mentions will not refund the quota. Your Quota will refresh automatically after 30 days.

❗If you have accidentally exceeded your Mention Quota, please contact your dedicated account manager to discuss quota adjustments!

If you are a Mention Admin, you can review your Mentions Quota consumption in these three ways:

  • Hover over the percentage number on your Navigation Page to view the consumption of quota for your current cycle:

  • Head over to the Quota tab and review the Mentions box to view the number of mentions you have left for this cycle.

  • To see the division of quota consumption by the alerts in the workspace you are on, go to the Alerts Tab:

Manage the Quota of Multiple Workspaces

Inside the Quota page, you can specify how many mentions or alerts you want to allot per workspace.


1.Access the Mentions Section in the Quota Page

If you are a Mention Administrator, you will have access to the Quota tab in Account Settings. Please click on this tab and then click on the Mentions section that appears at the top of the page:


2.Divide the Quota

Once the page is open, you will see a list of your workspaces with the total number of mentions quota that you can receive per month.

In order to manually change the quota, please follow these steps:

  • You have the option of utilizing the slider to adjust the quota limit for your workspace or writing a number in the box to set the quota limit.


Manage the Quota of Alerts in a Workspace

Now that you understand how to manage the quota of different Workspaces, we will now teach you how to adjust the quota for each alert. This process will allow you to set limits for each alert within a Workspace and it will ensure that an alert is not over-consuming data.


1. Access The Quota Tab

As a Mention Administrator, you can adjust the mentions quota for your alerts after the alert is created. To do this, go to the Quota page and select the correct workspace.


2.Divide the Quota of your Alerts

Once you are on the correct workspace, please click on the Quota tab and select the Mentions section that appears. From there, you can select the alert you want to add a quota restriction to from the dropdown menu. Next, click add quota restriction to activate the quota slider.

You can use the slider to adjust the quota limit for each alert or writing a number in the box to set the quota limit.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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