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Manage the Quota of your Mention Alerts
Manage the Quota of your Mention Alerts

Learn how to divide the amount of mentions each alert can receive in your account

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Whenever a mention is fetched from the web or social media, your mentions quota is deducted to account for the data consumption. Depending on your Mention Subscription, you are allowed to fetch a certain number of mentions every 30 days across your alerts.

There may be some alerts in your account that consume more data than others. If you would like to prevent specific alerts from consuming too much quota, you can set parameters for alerts to only receive a certain amount of mentions every 30 days!

In this article, we will teach you how to divide your mentions quota among the alerts that are created in your account. Here is the agenda:

⚙️ If you are on the Mention Company Plan and you are using Workspaces, please head over to this article: Divide your Quota Between Workspaces

Mentions Quota Overview

Your Mention account has a Mentions Quota which is the number of mentions that you can receive every 30 days. Once a mention is collected, it will remain in your account (even if you Spam or Trash the mention).

⚙️ At this time, deleting a mention will not refund the quota. If an alert accidentally consumes all of your quota for the month, we recommend upgrading your subscription to access more quota or waiting for your 30 day cycle to reset.

To learn more about Quota, please check out this article: Understand Quota

In the next sections we will teach you how to allocate a designated number of mentions for each alert to prevent your quota from exceeding.

Divide your Quota Between Alerts

If you would like to divide your mentions quota for your alerts, please follow these steps:

1.Access the Quota page

Please go to your Account Settings and click on the Quota tab:

⚙️ Pro & ProPlus Subscription: if you are on a team subscription, you can only access the Quota page if you have the Administrator Role. If you are not an Admin on Mention, please have another admin upgrade your role.


2.Switch to the Mentions Section

The Quota page will have two sections : All Quotas and Mentions. You will need to switch to the Mentions page to access your list of alerts. Here, you will be able to modify the quota of each alert:

By default, your list of alerts will have the infinity icon turned on meaning that your alerts do not have a quota limit. Each alert will freely fetch mentions until your quota is exceeded.


3.Adjust the Quota

In order to manually adjust the quota for each alert, please follow these steps:

  • Head over to the right-hand side and click on the infinity symbol to turn off the unlimited quota. This will activate the slider that will allow you to adjust quota.

  • You have the option of utilizing the slider to adjust the quota limit for your workspace or writing a number in the box to set the quota limit.


Extra Information Regarding Unused Mentions Quota:

You have the option of adjusting the quota limit for multiple alerts. When you begin to adjust the quota, you will notice that the sliders on your page will display two colors:

  • The dark blue color represents the number of mentions that the space can receive with the quota limit you placed. You will see the total number of mentions that the space can receive on the right-hand side.

  • The light blue color represents the number of mentions that you still have available for your entire account. You have the option of granting these extra mentions to a specific alert or using them for a new alert that you will create.

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding quota management, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] !

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