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Learn how to schedule multiple posts on your Composer

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As your social media strategy evolves, you might find yourself creating multiple posts at a time for a variety of online campaigns. To ensure that you save time by curating content in a productive manner, you can use the bulk-posting in your Publish tool.

Within your Composer, you will have the ability to create a new social media post and bulk schedule the content across multiple accounts that are connected to Mention. We recommend using this method when you need to share a cohesive story or message from your brand directly to your audiences across the web.

To create social media content with bulk posting, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Composer & Create Content

Open your Composer and begin creating your social media post by attaching text and any multimedia you would like:

Step 2: Select Your Social Accounts

Once the post is ready, click on the +Select a Social Account button and choose the accounts you want to publish on:

⚙️ You will notice that the original content you created is now copied to your social media accounts.

Step 3 : (Optional) Edit Content Individually

If you need to make any edits before scheduling, we recommend going through each individual post and modifying the content:

💡 We recommend using this option if:

  • You need to meet certain posting requirements on social media. For example, if your original post does not have multimedia and you are trying to bulk post on Instagram, you will need to add an image or video to meet the requirement.

  • You want a to add some extra details or information to specific social media accounts.

❗Publish does not offer bulk editing at this time. If you want to edit multiple posts at the same time, we recommend re-starting your post.

Step 4: Choose a Scheduling Time

Head over to the schedule button below and choose a date and time for your posts. This date and time will be adjusted for all of the posts in your Composer.

You're all set from there! You can preview your social media post at any time through the Calendar. You can also edit or delete individual posts before they are published online.

⚙️ Troubleshooting Tips - Error in Scheduling

If you click on the Schedule button and the ❗ icon appears, it means that there is an error with one of your posts. You will need to resolve this error before attempting to scheduling content again:

These errors appear when your post does not meet the posting requirement. To learn more about supported attachments, head over to this article: Supported Attachments in Publish

❗Once a post is scheduled on the Calendar, you cannot bulk-edit the post. You will need to edit each post individually on the Calendar.

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding bulk posting, please contact [email protected].

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