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Highlights: Your AI-Powered Report Assistant
Highlights: Your AI-Powered Report Assistant

Trend analysis of your reports.

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We're excited to introduce Highlights, an AI-driven feature designed to help you quickly grasp the essential insights from your reports. With Highlights, you can save time and enhance your understanding of your data without needing to dig through every detail.

Why Use Highlights?

  • Stay Informed: Quickly understand the main trends and changes in your data.

  • Save Time: No need to sift through lengthy reports; get the key points in seconds.

  • Focus on What Matters: Concentrate on the most impactful data points without distractions.

How to Get Started

  1. Open Report: Navigate to a report in your Mention dashboard.

  2. Check Alerts: For each alert and time period, Highlights checks for key insights.

  3. View Highlights: See a summary section recapping the top insights from the report.

Key Features

  • AI Detection: Highlights uses AI to detect anomalies and significant changes in your data, showing you the most important trends.

  • Detailed Information: See the top 2 unexpected trend variations in any report with a volume module. Click to view detailed info, such as the top 3 mentions during the period, the primary source, and the net sentiment score.

  • Export and Share: Export your report in PDF format and share Highlights with your team effortlessly.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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