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Within your Mention account, you can utilize the Dashboard to view analytics for all of your active alerts! Whether you are monitoring your brand, campaign, or competitor, the Dashboards will provide valuable insights as you actively monitor the web and social media on a daily basis. In this article, we will explain how the Dashboards work and the metrics you will receive during your monitoring!

Access & Filter your Dashboard

To view the Mention Dashboard, you can click on the Mention logo at the top of your navigation bar.

Once clicked, the dashboard will open and display analytics for all of your alerts for the last 30 days:

On the top of your Dashboard, you can click on alerts selected and a drop-down list of your alerts will appear. From there you can choose to view the analytics for an individual alert or multiple alerts at the same time. If you remove the alerts from the selected list, the Dashboard will automatically display all alerts.

Next to alerts selected, you have the option to change your pre-set time filters. Your Dashboard is automatically set to last 30 days; however, you can choose between yesterday, last 7 days, or last 30 days. The Dashboard will update automatically with both of your preferences in mind!

💡 Mention Tip: When you login to your Mention account, you will automatically be brought to your Dashboard and it will be pre-set to all alerts for the last 30 days.

Metrics Displayed in the Dashboard

In your Mention Dashboard, your metrics will be broken up into quantitive metrics at the top of your page and visualizations of alert metrics as you continue to scroll.

The quantitative metrics include:

  • Mentions: the volume of mentions received

  • Sentiment - Positive: the percentage of positive mentions

  • Sentiment - Negative: the percentage of negative mentions

  • Used Mention Quota: the percentage of quota consumed

  • Spike Number Detected: the amount of Mention Spikes during this time period

Percent Change Metric - at the bottom of the metrics, you will notice green (positive change) or orange (negative change) for some of the data points. This statistic signifies the percent change from the current time period and the previous time period. For example, in this Dashboard, we are displaying data from the last 7 days (one week). To calculate percent change, we are viewing the data from 14 days ago (two weeks) and comparing it to the current time period filter. If data is not available from the previous time period, we will not display anything!

The rest of the Dashboard will display alert metrics using the following visualizations:

  • Volume: the total number of mentions received from the given time period

  • Sentiment: a breakdown of mentions ranging from positive, negative, or neutral

  • Sources: a breakdown of the type of sources fetched

  • Tags: the list of tags created with the number of mentions within each tag folder

  • Days of Activity: a percentage breakdown of mention volume by each day

  • Countries: a map displaying what countries the mentions came from

  • Activity by Day of Week: an hourly breakdown of mention volume during the week

🧠 Mentions List Metric:

If you choose the Yesterday filter, you will view a Mentions List in place of your Volume graph. You can directly interact with this list by clicking on the visualization to view the full list of mentions:

We hope the Mention Dashboard provides clarity on the data that your alerts are fetching! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@mention.com or your dedicated Account Manager.

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