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Review and Approve Social Media Posts for Publish
Review and Approve Social Media Posts for Publish

Learn how to activate and manage your team members through the Approval Workflow

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The Approval Workflow allows you to implement a review process within your Publish tool. Once activated, the workflow will allow you to approve or deny content before it is officially scheduled to the Publish Calendar.

The Approval Workflow is a collaborative feature that you can activate in your account at any time through Account Settings. Once activated, you can utilize the workflow to:

  • Check for any errors on the social media post including misspellings, broken links, or incorrect media attachments.

  • Provide constructive feedback to your colleagues by suggesting edits in the post.

  • Ensure that your brand’s guidelines and tone of voice is consistent.

In this article, we will go over the method to activate / reactive your workflow, how to manage team roles, and how to approve or reject content.

Activate / Deactivate the Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow can be activated and deactivated at any time by Mention admins. There are two areas of the Mention platform that you can use to access the workflow:

Approval Workflow Tab in Publish:

On Publish, you can click on the Approval Workflow tab that appears in your page. If you have not activated the approval workflow, a button will appear and you can click on this to begin accessing the feature on your account.

❗Please note that this method will only appear if you have never activated the workflow. You can only use this method to activate the workflow. To deactivate, please see the steps below!

Account Settings:

The second area that you can use to activate, deactivate, and manage your Approval Workflow is your Mention Account Settings. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Settings page by clicking on your profile icon at the bottom of your navigation bar.

  2. Please click on the Publish tab that appears in Settings.

  3. Please toggle the slider to activate or deactivate your workflow.

Once the Approval Workflow is activated, the Admins on your team will be listed as Moderators and Users will be listed as Creators. You can change the roles of your team members at any time through this Settings page.

Mention Guests will not be given a role on the Approval Workflow as they cannot access it. If you would like to change the role of your Guests, please go to Account Settings.

Team Roles in the Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow currently offers two roles: Creator and Moderator. These roles will limit permissions for specific users on your Publish tool. We will go over the permissions below and you can manage these permissions at any time through Account Settings:

Creator Roles:

Creators have the ability to create and edit content that is not published or scheduled to the Publish Calendar. When they curate a post, they can save it as a Draft and request approval from their Moderator. These are the specific access permissions of Creators:

  • Create social media posts on the Composer

  • Request approval for the social media post

  • Edit posts - if the post is in the Draft folder or In Review

  • Delete posts - If the post is in the Draft folder

Moderator Roles:

Moderators have free access to schedule posts on the Publish Calendar. They have the option of requesting approval from other Moderators or simply scheduling posts to the Calendar without approval. On top of this, Moderators can approve or deny posts that are made by Creators on the account. These are the specific access permissions of Moderators:

  • Schedule posts on the Content Calendar without needing approval

  • Request approval for the social media post from other Moderators

  • Approve or Reject posts for the Content Calendar

  • Share a Comment when rejecting a post

  • Edit, Duplicate, or Delete any posts on the Publish Calendar

Layout of the Approval Workflow

Once the Approval Workflow is activated, a new tab will appear in your Publish page. Please head over to your Publish tool and you will find the Approval Workflow listed as the third tab.

The Workflow is broken into two sections:

In Review :

  • Creators : view , edit, or delete any posts that appear in this list.

    • Creators cannot approve anything from this section.

  • Moderators: view, edit, delete any posts that appear in this list.

    • The ‘In Review’ tab will display all posts that are waiting for approval by Moderators. Moderators can open the posts and approve or deny them at any time.

Rejected :

  • Posts that are not approved by Moderators will appear in this section.

  • Creators can view rejected posts and see feedback shared by their Moderators. Creators modify their posts at any time and re-send for approval.

💡 Mention Tip: Adjust Your View of Posts

On the right-hand side of the page, you can click on the ‘Sort By’ tab and it will open a drop-down menu. You can sort the tab that you are on through different list views.

Next to this section, you will find the Filters tab where you can filter by specific social media accounts. This will be helpful if your team has a large list of posts that are in Draft or In Review.

Send a Post for Approval (Creator)

Team members on your Mention account that are listed as Creators will be able to curate their posts directly on the Content Calendar or the Draft section of Publish.

→ To create content on the Calendar, please head over to this article.

When the Approval Workflow is activated, Creators will need to send their post to the Draft tab in Publish in order to request approval from Moderators. In order to request approval for your posts, please follow these steps:

  1. Create your content with the Compose New Post button or directly on the Content Calendar. Once the post is ready, save it as a Draft.

  2. On the Draft section of Publish, click on the post to open a side panel.

  3. Conduct any final reviews on your post and make sure to add a scheduled time. Once everything looks good, please click on the ‘Send to Approval’ button.

You are all set! Your Moderators will be notified via email about an approval request.

While your post is in approval, you have the option of editing the post or deleting it before it is reviewed by a Moderator.

❗As a Creator, you might see the Schedule button on your Composer next to 'Draft'. However, if you click on this, nothing will happen since you do not have permission to immediately schedule posts.

Post Approved:

If your post is approved, it will appear on the Publish Calendar and you will be notified via email of the approval. Once the post is on the Calendar, it will automatically go live on the social media platform on the designated scheduling time.

Post Rejected:

If your post is rejected, it will appear in the Rejected tab of the Approval Workflow. If you click on the post, you can view the comment left by your Moderator. You have the option of adjusting the social media post with their comments in mind and re-sending the post for approval again.

💡 Mention Tip: If you are a Moderator, you can also request approval for your posts at any time as well! You can simply follow the same steps listed above in case you would also like a second set of eyes on content you are working on.

Approve or Deny a Post (Moderator)

As a Moderator, you have the ability to approve or deny any posts that are In Review. When a post is sent for approval by a Creator, the Moderators will receive an email notification and posts will appear within the ‘In Review’ tab.

In order to review a specific post, please click on it to open the side-panel where you will see the post and the option to approve or deny it.


If you are content with the curated post , you can click on the Approve button at the bottom of the panel. Once approved, the post will appear on your Calendar.

As a moderator, you have the option of editing or deleting the post at any time when it is in the calendar!

Deny a Post:

If the curated post needs to be modified, you can click on Deny. A new panel will appear with the option to leave your creator a comment for feedback.

From there, your creator will be notified. Creators can re-adjust the post and re-submit for feedback until it is ready to go live on the calendar!

Your Approval Workflow is all set up now! If you have any questions about using the workflow, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Mention Support team!

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